how to relieve colic in Babies

How to relieve colic in babies:

If you are dealing with a colicky baby, whether you are a new parent or one of many children, when colic strikes it can affect your whole way of life. 

Being a new mum myself 5 years ago, I was in this exact same situation. My little boy would cry for hours on end and would sometimes be completely inconsolable. I had spoken with my Dr and my health visitor on numerous occasions and all I ever got was "try Infacol" or "try gripe water".

Now I was a breastfeeding mum, this wasn't suppose to happen. I had read so much about bottle fed babies getting colic but breastfed babies were not suppose to get colic, right? WRONG! If you are currently trawling the internet right now during the early hours of the morning whilst breastfeeding your baby, tirelessly looking for a solution, you will understand yourself, this can happen.

One morning whilst I was feeding Ethan I was browsing the internet on my phone, as you do! and came across a baby massage class that was running in my local area, after reading up on the benefits it could have on a windy baby, I signed up.

This is where i came across the invaluable information..

Whilst visiting the local children's centre for a baby massage class, another new mum had seen me struggling to feed Ethan, and asked if I thought he might be struggling with colic, she then went on to ask "Have you tried Fennel tea?" No I had not, and what was this mysterious tea she was talking about? she then went on to tell me that she had been drinking the tea herself whist breastfeeding her little girl and that her little girl was now colic free......

As soon as the class was over, you can guess what my mission was, right? yep you guessed it, I went straight to the local supermarket searching the tea isles for this so called magic tea.

I was in and out within about 3 minutes... and as soon as I had shut the front door to my house the kettle was on.

Now, you may be thinking surely that isn't the answer, fennel tea? but I can tell you now, this tea changed our lives.

Within 3 days, Ethan's colic symptoms had dramatically improved and after 5 days he was back to his smiley little self!

Being a newborn photographer, I often come across colicky babies and as many of the mum's will tell you, I always recommend fennel tea to them.

Where can I purchase fennel tea?

You can purchase fennel tea from your local supermarket.

Hipp organic also make a fennel tea for babies, however it is not widely sold in the supermarkets but you can buy it on Ebay or Amazon.

How do i use fennel tea?

If you are breastfeeding, you can drink the tea yourself. Start by drinking one cup a day, then after a couple of days you can start to drink 2 cups a day, but i wouldn't recommend you drink any more than this as it can cause your baby to have diarrhea.

If you are bottle feeding your baby, you can brew the tea, let it cool and add  1/2 - 1 teaspoons of it to your babies bottle once or twice a day.

What is Fennel tea?

Fennel tea is a herb that is used to aid healthy digestion and relieve the symptoms of trapped wind, cramps, and bloating.

What other natural ways can I soothe my colicky baby?

Another little trick that I can recommend whilst you are trialing the fennel tea, is white noise.

I use white noise in the studio when I am working with your newborn babies, it helps to soothe them into a deep sleep, particularly if they are a little fussy or struggling with colic. You do not need any fancy apps to get white noise, you can simply type it into google and it will present you with lots of videos on YouTube, just find one that suits you and soothes your baby

(Please do not place your device too close to your babies ears and keep the volume low)

You may also wish to try Baby massage, If you do a google search you will usually find a group in your local area.

If you are bottle feeding your baby you may wish to try MAM or Dr Browns anti colic bottles.

If you are breastfeeding you may wish to ask your health visitor to check if your baby is attaching to your breast properly whilst feeding. One thing that can cause colic whilst breastfeeding your baby is tongue tie so its a good idea to get this checked also.

What are the symptoms of colic in babies?

Babies naturally cry for lots of different reasons, they may feel hungry, need their nappy changed, or they may just need a cuddle.

However if your baby cries for a period of a few hours over many days, this may be a symptom of colic.

Things to look out for:

Your baby may cry for a period of 3 or more hours particularly during the afternoon or evening.

Your baby may pull up their legs or arch their back.

Your baby may clench their fists or go red in the face.

Your baby may appear windy or have a rumbly belly.

You can find more information about the symptoms of colic at: 

If you think your baby has colic symptoms its always best to consult your health visitor of Dr first to get a diagnosis, you may also need to rule out silent reflux issues, as this can also present with similar symptoms.

Disclaimer: For informational purposed only, this information is not a substitute for professional advise, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your Dr or Health advisor if you think your baby has a medical condition. If you are worried about the health of your baby and need medical assistance straight away please contact NHS direct on 111 or call 999.

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