How long does it take before I receive my photos?

Its stipulated in my contract that i aim to have your photos with you within 28 days, however you will receive your password protected viewing and sharing gallery with sneak peeks within 24 hours and the rest will be added once edited (usually within 28 days).

Are you insured?

Yes, I have public liability and indemnity insurance as well as cover for my equipment.

What happens if your equipment fails?

I always bring along a back up camera, SD cards and equipment to use when needed.

Do you visit the venue prior to the wedding?

Yes, where possible i will visit your chosen venue so i can get an idea of the surroundings, and meet the staff.

Do you attend church rehearsals?

Yes, If possible it is always best for me to come along as this gives me an idea of how your ceremony will be conducted and it gives me a chance to meet the vicar/priest and ask if its possible to use flash and where they prefer me to stand as some churches can be strict in certain areas.

Please bare in mind some churches and registrar offices will not allow me to take photos when you are signing the register.

Do you allow other photographer's to capture the day?

No, It is stipulated in my contract that I am to solely photograph your day. The reason for this is if someone is hovering over me trying to capture a shot I have set up, I wont have your full attention and photos can be ruined by you looking at the wrong lens, also it can pose a risk to myself and others as weddings are very fast paced at times and I need to be able to move around quickly and if someone is behind me or above me it could cause an accident.

Photos can also often be ruined when people have their cameras out during the ceremony so it is my recommendation that you have an unplugged wedding and ask your vicar/registrar to announce for photos not to be taken during the ceremony.

Ask you guests to sit back, relax and allow me to do all the hard work. Trust me its a more enjoyable experience and after all that's what you are paying me for!

Will I be entitled to unedited Raw photos?

No, All images taken by myself are copyrighted which means nobody else can alter or edit them, I spend a lot of time editing your wonderful photos to match my style of editing, an edited photo is a finished product. I highly recommend you view my images to get a example of my style before booking in your consultation.

Why are your prices so high, surely all your doing is taking a photo?

I'v never actually been asked this question, however I have heard others been asked so i'l break it down for you.

Consultations: I usually travel to you for your first consultation and your second is via Telephone.

Travel: Travel within a 25 mile radius is included in the price of your package.

Equipment: I only photograph with the best and it doesn't come cheap, one camera alone costs £1000, that doesn't include all my lenses, Flashes, multiple SD cards, Multiple batteries, other lighting and diffusers - The list goes on... I also have a high spec computer in order to edit your photos.

: Training and experience - Any good photographer has training and will continue to access training over time to learn new techniques etc, taking a photo is not just as easy as point and shoot a lot of time goes into learning your camera and its capabilities and I run in manual mode which means I have to manually input all my settings to get the correct exposure etc.

Time: Not only am I attending your wedding and running round like a headless chicken, I spend countless hours after your wedding editing photos and designing photobooks.

Editing: I have to pay a premium to access my editing software on a monthly basis to edit all your wonderful photos.

Insurance: I have to be covered for all eventualities, which means I have to pay for Insurance to not only cover me but you also.

Galleries: I wouldn't want anyone to receive copies of their photos via Dropbox, so I spend time and money presenting your photos to you via a password protected online gallery. You can invite your guest to view the gallery which works well for family who may not otherwise be able to see them if they have traveled miles or don't have access to facebook should you wish to share them there.

What you receive: All packages include a viewing and sharing gallery as well as all images on a USB, If you choose a package that includes a photobook, I spend time designing it all before sending it over to you, I then send it to a professional printing service.

Servicing equipment: Over time my equipment needs to have work done to calibrate everything to make sure its in optimal condition.

Website: I spend time and money on this very website you are viewing now!

Tax: I am a legal business and that includes paying my tax and national insurance, I take my business seriously and i don't do it to earn pocket money this is my full time job.

So as you see (If you didn't get bored and switch off) its not just about " taking a photo"

I hope this information has been of help to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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