Ethan is definitely my Hero at the moment, He may feel sorrow as he misses his friends, or that he cant nip to the park for a play, but he never complains.

Children wont remember very much about Covid-19, but what they will remember is how we behaved during this time.

For parents its an anxious time, we want to protect our young against all that life throws at them, but its important to keep positive and keep having fun, even if all you really want to curl up in bed till this all blows over.

Today I let his imagination run wild and we had so much fun creating these and I hope it gives you some inspiration.

Stay positive x

Keep checking back for more super adventures...

Spiderman wondering where all the bad guys are

Spiderman poysed and ready to pounce

Spiderman takes a leap of faith

Spiderman lands safe;y

Spiderman and the Dark Knight

Spiderman gets photobombed

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