This year I decided to open up my studio to all creatures great and small to help raise money for local wildlife rescue KAR Crossflatts and Bingley.

Kim's animal rescue is a local wildlife rescue based in Bingley west Yorkshire.
One of their main concerns right now is Hedgehogs and they have a lot of Hedgehogs coming into their care.

Many people aren't aware that the Hedgehog is in trouble of extinction and this could happen as soon as 2025. A very sad thought indeed.

They are wanting to build a new Hedgehoggery which will enable them to take as many as 30 patients.
They offer help to injured and young hogs and provide medication for any parasites they may be carrying.

They estimate each Hog they save costs around £60, once they are in good health and fat enough they release them back into the wild.

They can have Hogs in their care for up to 1 year. Most babies saved now will stay with them until next spring. Each hog has to be kept in a separate cage, which they also need funding for.

Kim's animal rescue is a non profit charity which is self funded and they also rely on donations from the public.

They Currently have not only hedgehogs but other wildlife, including birds, squirrels and rabbits.

So what did Polka Dot Studios do about it?

For 2 weeks I opened up the studio to all creatures great and small and People flocked in to have images captured of their furbabies for a small donation, all of which were given to KAR.

We successfully raised a whopping £100.

However KAR are still in need of donations to help them carry on with the great work they do.

Please click a link below to donate.




Halle the Cavapoo dressed up for christmas

black and white cat in christmas sleigh

akita in snowy scene

morky sat in snowy scene

spinger and sproker sat in front of christmas fire place

tabby cat in snowy scene

papillions sat in snowy scene

terrier and lurchy laid in front of christmas fire

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