How old does my baby need to be to qualify for a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are best when your baby is between 1-28 days, this is because your baby is less sensitive to touch and also at their most flexible, however i have photographed babies slightly older so please do contact me so we can discuss options should your baby be older.

When should i book in my newborn session?

Please don't leave it till the last minute to book in your session, Newborn sessions can be booked in after your 20 week scan. Babies are the boss and will make an appearance when they are ready so appointments are provisional and can be rescheduled once baby is born if needed.

How long will we be at the studio?

Newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours depending on the nature of your little bundle. Please do come prepared with extra nappies, wipes and milk.

I do have refreshments available free of charge and you are free to use the bathroom facilities when needed.

What do i need to do to prepare for my session?

All i ask is that you try to keep your baby awake for at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled session, I realise as sleep deprived new parents this may be a task, however if your baby is ready for a sleep when you arrive your session will go more smoothly.

Do i need to feed baby prior to the session?

When you arrive at the studio you will have plenty of time to get comfortable and feed your baby, When babies have a full belly they will be more settled and be less sensitive to my touch when posing.

What happens if my baby wont settle during the session?

Don't worry, all babies are unique and respond differently to being handled by someone they are not familiar with, however i am fully trained and i am well experience in working with babies and children, during development stages particularly growth spurts they may be a little more unsettled than usually and this is completely normal. Should your baby become unsettled i will simply pass baby back to you for a top up feed or for comfort, should your baby use a pacifier please feel free to bring that along to your session. Your babies safety and comfort is at the forefront of everything i do so if a baby becomes unsettled during a certain pose we will simply move on to the next.

Can i bring my other children along to the session?

If you wish for your other children to be involved with your newborn session, I aim to photograph them together at the beginning of the session, iv found from experience that if we leave it till the end, siblings do become less cooperative and often don't want to be involved. I do have toys on hand in the studio to keep them entertained, however please note that you are responsible for your own children and as i will be busy with your new baby, it is your responsibility to keep them entertained.

Do parents have to be involved with the session?

Should you wish to have photos with your new baby, these will be done at the beginning of the session, then you can simply relax for the remainder of the session. If you wish for photos of your baby only then that's fine too, just sit back and relax, even take a nap if you wish.

Do i need to bring any additional items with me?

Unless you have something special that you wish to be added to your photos you don't need to bring anything along with you, I have many beautiful props, outfits and wraps in the studio available to use. 

What essentials do i need to bring?

Nappies, Wipes & extra milk (enough to last 3 hours)

I want my baby posed like some of the images iv seen on the internet, can you do this?

Depending on what you have seen, I may be able to do this for you. If you have seen images of babies placed in - lets say - a glass bowl full of sweets, Any well trained photographer in the field of newborn photography will do these images as a composition photo, so in basic terms we pose the baby in a position that will suit the images and add it to another photo during editing. As i have stated previously the safety and comfort of your baby is at the forefront of everything i do, during the first days of life your baby is not yet able to support itself and ligaments and vertebrae can be damaged if handled without caution so if your baby is not comfortable during a certain pose, I will not force them into it and we will simply move on to the next stage.

Can I cancel or reschedule my session?

Booking fees can be transferred to another date, providing you give sufficient notice of 24 hours.

All sessions booked require a Non refundable booking fee. Should you wish to cancel this will not be refunded.

What happens after my session and when do i receive my photos? 

You will be presented with your fully edited photos via your very own beautifully presented online viewing and sharing gallery approximately 2 weeks after your session has taken place, You can place your orders in accordance with your chosen package and order more should you choose too via your online gallery. 

How do i book?

Please visit my Contact me section to book online. 

Sessions can now be booked with a non refundable Booking fee of £90 with the remaining balance being paid 1 week before your scheduled session.


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