After being separated as young childhood sweethearts, Derek and Eileen carried on with their lives and went on to be married and have families of their own.

Tragedy then struck both their lives and sadly they both lost their life long partners, but what happened next is a true fairy tale . . . .

Derek happened to be viewing the local paper one day and he glimpsed and image of his childhood sweetheart.

He managed to track her down and they met up for drinks, their love for each other blossomed once more.

Who was to know that all these years later what was written in the stars was going to come true....

On the day of Derek and Eileen's wedding, Derek was recovering from an illness but was still in high spirits..

Eileen rocked up in a beautiful green vintage VW camper van, she was very nervous but she looked absolutely beautiful in her specially designed Tea length gown.

After the ceremony, Derek and Eileen were announced into the York suite where everyone sat down for afternoon tea that had been beautifully arranged by some of Eileen's friends, during this time speeches were made.

Then it was time to get the party started....

After the cake cutting, Local wedding band The Monotones announced the first dance and played a great set throughout the rest of the night.

Derek and Eileen danced the night away with family and friends and it was the perfect end to a perfect day.




I wish you both the very best for your future together.

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