Coronavirus - Need to know

Latest update:

In line with recent government updates, Its with great sadness that I have to stipulate the Studio is now closed until advised otherwise.

Gift vouchers are still available to purchase.

Please note this does not effect Wedding bookings from August onwards - only in studio sessions.

Should you be rescheduling your wedding please do Contact me as soon as possible so we can all work together and be sure I can accommodate your new date.

I will continue to review this on a daily basis.

Stay safe everyone and remain positive through these difficult times.

Amanda x

Its a very worrying time for us all at the moment, and I can appreciate people will be very anxious about future events so I just wanted to offer a little note of reassurance.

Your safety is important to me, so important precautionary measure have been put into place.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. 

Business is open as usual and unless otherwise stated by the government or unless I or any members of my family become ill, I will not at this time be cancelling booked weddings/events or in studio sessions.

HOWEVER - If you suspect you, your child or a close family member or friend may have been exposed or are presenting with a combination of the following symptoms:


: Tiredness

:Muscle pain


:Breathing difficulties

Please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule your session, I appreciate you may feel your symptoms are related to a common illness, however to reduce the risk of cross contamination in the studio the right thing to do is reschedule your session, This is for your safety, mine and especially that of other clients and children.

What am i doing in studio as a precautionary measure:

:The studio and entry is fully cleaned and disinfected Before and after every session.

:I only have one session happening at a time and clients are asked to keep people attending to an absolute minimum, Alongside this i will only be doing 2 studio sessions per day.

:Clients are asked to clean their hands on arrival before entering the studio.

:Items such as outfits, wraps, towels and materials that are used as part of your session are washed on a 60 wash with added antibacterial solutions.

:Tissues are provided and clients are asked when disposing that they use a specific bin.

:Hand sanitizer is available to use throughout your sessions.

:Babies attending for cake smash sessions will be issued with a Brand new spoon as opposed to one that has been used and thoroughly cleaned.

:Clothing used by myself will be changed after every session and i also practice good basic hygiene (as always).

Weddings and events:

If you have booked me for your beautiful wedding or event and suspect that you or any other members attending have been exposed or are presenting with a combination of the above symptoms please contact me as soon as possible, before the date of your wedding/event so I can put a risk assessment in place.

If you are thinking of cancelling or rescheduling your wedding or if you have already cancelled/rescheduled your wedding please contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss plans moving forward.

Please continue to support your local businesses where possible, The big guns shall we say like big chain stores will breeze through the current situation, however independent businesses may not.

Stay positive 


Amanda x

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